Welcome from our Trust Chair

“It is an honour and privilege for me to Chair the South York Multi Academy Trust (MAT). This exciting development will build on the hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity of many people to create a new and strong partnership of schools serving our local communities. In a time of increasing fragmentation of the school system and a world of rapid…”

Our unique Trust stems from over twenty years of collaborative working and partnership between the current Trust members and the schools set to join the Trust. Our work is characterised by a commitment to inclusion and to maximising the potential for all children, young people and families in our communities, knowing that the collective strength and effectiveness of our Trust will improve the opportunities and standards for all within our schools.


The South York Multi Academy Trust is rooted in trust and respect where the ethos and distinctive identity of all our schools is celebrated, respected and actively promoted. This is reflected in the nature of our membership where Church of England and Community schools work alongside more specialist provision and where we encompass primary, secondary, and junior schools and specialist provision across the 5-18 age range.