Welcome to the home page of the South York Multi Academy Trust. This unique Trust stems from over twenty years of collaborative working and partnership between the current Trust members and the schools set to join the Trust. Our work is characterised by a commitment to inclusion and to maximising the potential for all children, young people and families in our communities, knowing that the collective strength and effectiveness of our Trust will improve the opportunities and standards for all within our schools.

The South York Multi Academy Trust is rooted in trust and respect where the ethos and distinctive identity of all our schools is celebrated, respected and actively promoted. This is reflected in the nature of our membership where Church of England and Community schools work alongside more specialist provision and where we encompass primary, secondary, and junior schools and specialist provision across the 5-18 age range.

Fulford School is the founder member of the Trust with the following schools due to join the Trust in the next 12-18 month period:

Archbishop of York’s Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School

Danesgate Community

Dunnington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School – Joined on 1/3/18

Elvington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Escrick Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Fishergate Primary School

Lord Deramore’s Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Naburn Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

St Oswald’s Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Wheldrake with Thorganby Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School – Due to join on 1/7/18

Our governance is based upon delegating authority to the lowest appropriate level in the belief that local knowledge and local control is the best way to engage and empower our schools to meet the needs of their students and their community. Our Trust is committed to work to improve outcomes, to secure best value and to ensure that we provide the best possible support and opportunities for all children, young people and their families in our communities.

Our ethos and key values are summarised in our Trust Vision Statement below:

 support – inspire – achieve – flourish

We are a strong and inclusive partnership of schools working together to support and inspire all children, young people and families in our communities to achieve and flourish.

We hold our schools and ourselves to account to a set of values. Our schools are always:

  • Inclusive – our schools work tirelessly to meet the needs of every child and young person and overcome disadvantage. We embrace diversity in our communities, and we promote distinctiveness in our schools.
  • Aspirational – our schools have high expectations for every learner and member of staff. We want our children and young people to make the most of every opportunity in life.
  • Responsible – our schools have a social responsibility to serve the community first and foremost. We always use our resources responsibly and transparently.
  • Collaborative – our schools work in equal partnership with one another, and with their school communities. We devolve control and responsibility to the appropriate level, encouraging the participation of those we serve and those who work for us.

Our website gives further information on the people in our Trust, our governance arrangements and the policies that underpin the work of our MAT. If you wish more information on our Trust or if you are interested in becoming a potential Trust member then please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.