Central Services


We help schools make sure our children get the best education we can possible afford.

Finance is a centralized function across the MAT through our CFO, Finance Manager and Finance Assistant.


We are a small team but offer an efficient and effective service covering all financial processing and statutory returns.


We use centralised budgeting and accounting systems to ensure consistency and efficiency.


We deal with nearly all elements of finance centrally, freeing up time for school based staff to focus on other things.


Schools still retain accountability and responsibility for their budgets but have access to the central team for any queries or advice they need.


We employ and develop specialist qualified staff to deliver this

  • On-site, phone and email support to all schools.

  • All finance Processing/Payments

  • Creation of BACS payment run to all suppliers on a weekly basis.

  • Budget Monitoring Advice

  • Budget Setting Advice

  • Collation of invoices from all schools to input into PS Financials

  • Payroll reconciliation – collation of information – processing and review alongside schools

  • Bank reconciliation: Input of all income (GAG & LA income, Parent Pay, cash collections), direct debits, any other expenditure.

  • Credit Card reconciliations

  • Access to financial expertise and guidance as and when needed

  • Accounting Services

  • External Audit

  • Internal Audit

  • Due Diligence Reports

  • Cash flow management

  • Implementation and training of PS Financials (ledger) and updates.

  • Creation of new suppliers and bank detail checks.

  • Statutory Returns

    • VAT
    • AAR
    • BFR
    • ONS
    • GPG
    • TP
    • Risk Register
    • Banking support
    • Cash collection organisation


We aspire for schools to have an inspiring and fit for purpose learning environment.

We help schools make sure our buildings and premised are safe, warm and dry.

Our Facilities Team have recently expanded to take care of all our schools in the Trust. We operate a small central team who provide dedicated caretaking services to all our Trust schools. In addition to this we centrally manage and arrange all planned and preventative maintenance for our schools which is both adaptable and reviewable at school level. Cleaning services are also procured at Trust Level.


We use a centralised system to ensure consistency in our compliance with Health and Safety. Our Estates and Facilities Manager also provides timely ad-hoc advice and reviews.


We work alongside consultants at NYCC to conduct visits to all our sites on a regular basis to ensure schools are consistent in their adherence to Health and Safety and Fire Safety policies and procedures.


We collaborate with a specialist education surveying and project management company in order to assess and improve our estates and facilities. We have a fantastic track record in securing funding and improving our school Estates.

Health and Safety

  • On-line and by phone support
  • Assistance with statutory audits by NYCC H&S Team
  • Support with Risk Assessments if required
  • Assistance with accident reporting (RIDDOR) and follow up investigations.


  • Good Estate Management review and monitoring • School Condition Surveys
  • On-site and by phone support.
  • Capital Project support including liaising with Diocese for Church School
  • Assistance with major project planning and implementation
  • Every Compliance Package – implementation and support to cover estates statutory monitoring
  • Support with Condition Improvement Fund Projects and in time School Capital Allocation Funding allocation
  • Assistance with Asbestos Management Plan reviews
  • Onsite support with project managers and contractors for specific projects


We ensure that staff have access to reliable, fit for purpose IT equipment and software.

This can be to deliver/ experience amazing  interactive lessons and learning experiences or to allow staff to be as efficent and effective as possible in this roles


Our team operates out of Fulford School but can often be found in the primary schools supporting them with their IT systems.


We have established expertise in identifying, specifying, implementing and supporting education-specific IT solutions.


We understand the requirements of schools and design and implement hardware and software solutions to ensure schools get the systems and equipment they need.


We work with teachers and school leaders to ensure that their classroom and school requirements are met so that students and staff get the best possible equipment to achieve their aims.


We consistently improve and review our operating practices and infrastructure to ensure they remain up to date and relevant.

  • Helpdesk – Service and Support – our response times are very fast
  • Advice and evaluation of new software and technologies to support the delivery of the
  • IT strategy of schools and the trust.
  • Google/O365 support and advice
  • Printing deployment, management & administration
  • Transition for existing and new academies to MAT IT services
  • Managing performance, maintenance and accessibility to the network infrastructure
  • Project management and delivery
    • Technical installation & setup
    • Supplier management
    • Broadband contract procurement and renewal
    • Technical solutions and support
    • System & data backup management
  • Disaster recovery process & procedure
  • Networking Solutions ( Switching, WiFi )
  • Cyber Security
  • Comms inc telephony
  • Design
    • Social Media Management
    • Website design and hosting
  • Licensing


Our aim is to produce a staff body who is supported to provide the best education for children in our schools.

HR support is provided by the HR Business Partner for the MAT – David Lightfoot – who works in partnership with School Business Managers and Headteachers to provide a comprehensive HR support service.


Further support is provided by Sharon Dawson who supports operations at Fulford School.


The Team is working on an integrated HR system for use across all MAT schools.


Outsourced payroll & pensions administration is provided by North Yorkshire County Council.


Additional capacity and access to HR resources is gained from a SLA with North Yorkshire County Council.


We provide responsive and comprehensive HR support for our schools, managers and staff in all areas of the HR lifecycle.

  • Support and attendance on site for any HR related meeting
  • Support with staff welfare, absence management and occupational health advice and support
  • HR policies & procedures
  • Support with the TUPE process when converting • Advice on changes to working practices, redundancies and redeployment
  • Support, advice & guidance with recruitment, selection, appointment and safeguarding checks
  • Maternity, paternity, retirement & pensions guidance • Employee benefit / payroll administration
  • Advice and guidance on latest HR legislation
  • Supporting staff and Headteachers where allegations against staff have been made 
  • Liaison with LA and other agencies